center for women in leadership

Leadership Without Apology


The Center for Women in Leadership is dedicated to equipping, supporting, and promoting women who are involved in leadership, aspiring to become a leader, or exploring more about leadership. Our mission grows from the unapologetic conviction that God has created women to lead in the church and academy for the sake of human flourishing.

Mission and Purpose

Women are eager for dialogue that moves beyond the traditional assumptions about gender roles in the academy, the church, and ministry. The Center for Women in Leadership is a safe place to discuss the deeper issues that limit or frustrate their growth.


The Center for Women in Leadership equips women, in a context that is biblically rooted, theologically robust, and ethnically diverse, to thrive as leaders in the academy and the church.


The Center for Women in Leadership provides educational opportunities to engage in creative problem solving around challenges for women in leadership today and explore the contributions of women in the history of the church as seen in texts, liturgy, and art.

The Center for Women in Leadership educates, equips, and empowers through: 

  • resources for churches and organizations, including speakers for events, conferences, preconferences, and breakout sessions
  • The Alabaster Jar podcast
  • Visual Museum of Women in Christianity (, a digital repository of images of Christian women portrayed in art

We subscribe to the understanding that God has created each human in His image, equipped each person with gifts, and provides each opportunity to grow in capacity of these gifts, including leadership, for the glory of God and the benefit of others. In collaboration with like-minded organizations and thought leaders, we provide education in different settings and venues, including online media, published works, meetings, and conferences.


Visual Museum of Women in Christianity

Explore a visual history of women in Christianity. The purpose of this collaborative project is to create a curated, permanent visual exhibit of women in the history, ministry, and piety of early, Byzantine, and medieval Christianity that will be available online for researchers, educators, and interested laypersons.


Alabaster Jar Podcast

The Alabaster Jar Podcast

The Alabaster Jar Podcast is a weekly conversation that takes on current issues impacting women at the intersection of faith, theology, and ministry. Dr. Lynn Cohick pours out her wisdom from years in ministry and academia to inspire women to continue advancing God’s mission in the world.